What is the average Salary in India in 2020?

Do you want to know the average salary in India in 2020? Here is the full guide; I have covered the salary of the most popular jobs in India. There is a lot of struggle for a fresher in every job. Once you get experienced, there is no problem; you get $500 per month as an average salary in India.

Average Salary in India in 2020

Here we will see the professional and city-wise average salary in India.  The average salary in India is very low compared to other countries like the USA, UK, Russia, etc.

However, India is a developing country, and the average salary gradually increases. The average salary in India is $5600. In 2018 this was around $3500 per annum. However, due to Covid-19, it may decrease in the coming days.

1. Average Salary Profession Wise

1.1. Software Engineer

A software engineer’s average salary in India depends on domains like Programming, Database, SEO, Web, AI, etc. Initially, a fresher software engineer in India gets about $100 to $500 per month. Also, that depends on which institute the candidate has done his engineering degree from. Generally, campus-placed candidates get a good salary. However, after 2 years of experience, a software engineer can easily get $500 as a salary.

  • Fresher – $100 to $500
  • 2 to 5 years experience: $500 to $1300
  • 5+ years experience: $1300 to $1800

Note: All salaries given are monthly salary. Data given is in US Dollars.

average salary of a software engineer in india

1.2. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers in India get lower salary in India to compare to software engineers. However, electrical engineers have good career opportunities in government jobs. The average salary for a fresher electrical engineer is $100 to $500 per month. As per years of experience, an electrical engineer gets a hike in salary.

  • Fresher – $100 to $500
  • 2 to 5 years experience: $500 to $1000
  • 5+ years experience: $1000 to $1200

Companies give a good salary hike to electrical engineers. However, that depends on the knowledge level and work output. Also, this depends on how much an engineer gives to the company to enhance its products. So, If a candidate is good at his job, surely he/she gets a good increment in salary.

1.3. Civil Engineer

An average starting salary of a civil engineer in India is around $800. Candidates who have done engineering from reputed institutes like IITs or NITs, get more salary. On average, they get around $1200 per month.

  • Fresher – $100 to $800
  • 2 to 5 years experience: $800 to $1400
  • 5+ years experience: $1400 to $1600
average salary of a civil engineer in india

1.4. Mechanical Engineer

A fresher mechanical engineer gets less salary in India. The average salary of a fresher mechanical engineer is around $150 per month. Because in India, mechanical engineers are not in huge demand. Oil companies like ONGC, BPCL, and HPCL hire mechanical engineers.

Placement in these companies is difficult because they ask for a GATE scorecard. On the other hand, their interviews and written exam are also tough to qualify for. However, these companies give handsome salaries and facilities. In small companies, a mechanical engineer gets a

very less salary. Truly, it is around $100 per month for freshers.

  • Fresher – $100 to $500
  • 2 to 5 years experience: $500 to $1100
  • 5+ years experience: $1100 to $1300

1.5. MBA Holder

A fresher MBA degree holder in India gets around $700 per month. But experienced MBA degree holders get way high salaries. MBAs from reputed institutes like IIMs get salaries up to $10000 per month. However, we cannot talk about the fixed salary; the salary we talk about is an average salary because salary depends on post-qualification experience, designation, and, most of all, working skills.

1.6. Teacher

There is a huge difference between government and private teachers’ salaries in India. Nursery teachers in private schools get an average salary of $50 to $100 per month. On the other hand, the government nursery teacher gets around $500 per month.

Private high school teachers get an average salary of $400, and government high school teachers get around $1000. Teachers with higher qualifications get more salaries and extra increments.

Professors are highly paid in India. The average salary of a professor in India is $1500 per month.

1.7. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a job that needs creativity. Coming to the salary, on average, an experienced graphic designer gets around $1000 per month. However, a beginner gets only $200 per month.

1.8. Web Designer

A web designer is a person who designs websites. Web designers and graphic designers get almost equal salaries. Moreover, the average salary for both is also the same. A web designer in India gets around $450 initially.

1.9. Java Developer

Java developers have better salaries and career options in India. Oracle Certified Java Programmers get more salary. An average salary for a new java developer is around $300 per month. However, a java developer with 5 years of experience gets around $1100 per month. Candidates with Oracle Certified Professional certification get preference for jobs.

1.10. Journalist

In the context of salary, journalists are in very poor condition. Really, in India, a new journalist gets around $300, whereas a senior journalist gets an average of $900 per month. Journalists struggle in big cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, etc. Moreover, the cost of living in big cities is also very high.

The journalism profession seems very lucrative, but in reality, it is not. A journalist’s salary depends on the media house and work experience.

1.11. Network Engineer

A Network Engineer’s average salary in India is about $800 per month. Various MNCs like Cisco, IBM, and HCL give better salaries than private companies. Cisco company mainly works for network systems, so a network engineer has good opportunities in the Cisco company.

MNCs are good to start a career with a low salary. However, a network engineer can switch to another company after years of experience. Surely, an experienced network engineer gets a good salary, generally on an average of $1400 per month.

2. Citywise Average Salary in India

2.1. Salary in Bangalore

Bangalore is known as the IT city or silicon city of India. Most of the IT projects are taken from the USA. So, the IT industry in India depends on the USA. Moreover, the salary depends on the kind of profession you do. IT professionals in Bangalore get a good salary. On the other hand, Bangalore is a costly city. So, saving from the salary is a challenge in Bangalore.

CategoryAverage Salary in Bangalore (per month)
Software Engineer$1000
Electrical Engineer$950
Civil Engineer$800
Mechanical Engineer$700
MBA Holder$600
Graphic Designer$600
Web Designer$650
Java Developer$800
Network Engineer$800

2.2. Average Salary at Kolkata

The cost of living is very lower in Kolkata. A person with a salary of $200 per month can fulfill his daily needs. The reason is that rent and transport are less than other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. So, even if you stay with the family, an average expense is around $150 per month at Kolkata.

CategoryAverage Salary in Kolkata (per month)
Software Engineer$800
Electrical Engineer$700
Civil Engineer$650
Mechanical Engineer$550
MBA Holder$530
Graphic Designer$500
Web Designer$580
Java Developer$700
Network Engineer$700

2.3. Mumbai

Mumbai, also known as the business capital, is the costliest city in India. So, the average salary in Mumbai is higher than in other cities. Even a 1BHK flat at the corner of the city costs around $150 per month. Bus and Auto fare is also costly, however, it is less than that of Bangalore.

CategoryAverage Salary in Mumbai (per month)
Software Engineer$1200
Electrical Engineer$1000
Civil Engineer$900
Mechanical Engineer$800
MBA Holder$800
Graphic Designer$680
Web Designer$700
Java Developer$1050
Network Engineer$950

2.4. Hyderabad

The average salary in Hyderabad is more than in Kolkata but less than in Mumbai and Bangalore. For example, a journalist in Hyderabad earns around $650; in Bangalore and Mumbai, the journalist gets $700 and $900.

CategoryAverage Salary in Hyderabad (per month)
Software Engineer$950
Electrical Engineer$900
Civil Engineer$760
Mechanical Engineer$650
MBA Holder$800
Graphic Designer$680
Web Designer$600
Java Developer$750
Network Engineer$900

3. Average Salary in the USA vs India

The average salary in the USA is around $55000 per annum. This is very high compared to India. The average salary in India is $5600 per annum. Employees in the USA get around 10 times a higher salary. Similarly, the USA’s cost of living is way higher than in India.

Needless to say, Indian IT companies have more employees from the USA than Indians. As a result, Indian companies have given employment to around 2.5 lacs of people in the USA.

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