Best Crypto Paper Trading Apps: Our Top Picks

Newcomers often find it hard to understand the cryptocurrency market. But, Crypto paper trading apps are here to help, these apps provide a great way to practice trading strategies without risking your money.

These apps are really important in today’s volatile crypto market. We have studied and found the best ones. I hope the information mentioned here will help you This info will help you make smart choices and become a pro in crypto trading.

What is Crypto Paper Trading

As per our experts, paper trading is a way to practice trading strategies without risking money. This practice is similar to how traders used to jot down pretend trades on paper in traditional markets.

Nowadays, it has shifted to the online world and looks like the demo accounts you find on trading platforms.

When you do crypto paper trading, it is like playing a realistic game of trading without using real money. It helps you understand how the market works and try out trading strategies without any financial risk.

Many online crypto trading platforms offer this feature to show customers how the market behaves. The best paper trading experiences come with educational materials, research resources, tutorials, and videos.

Advantages for Beginners

1. No Risk Trading: These apps let you practice trading without worrying about losing real money. You’re given virtual coins to practice with, so you can learn without stress.

2. Strategy Testing: Trying out an unproven strategy with real money is like a gamble. Paper trading apps let you test your strategies to see if they work, so you can choose the best one.

3. Performance Data: These apps give you data on how well you’re doing, which is important for getting better at trading. It helps you find and fix your weaknesses before you risk real money.

4. Boost Confidence: Confidence is a big deal in trading. When you have successful practice trades on these apps, you’ll gain confidence in your approach.

5. Skill Practice: It is not just about having a good strategy; you also need to know when and how to use it. These apps let you practice your strategies in different market situations.

Downsides of Paper Trading Apps

1. Ignoring Real Costs: Some apps only focus on initial and closing prices, ignoring additional transaction costs. This can make your expected profits differ from what you’d actually get.

2. Lack of Real Emotions: Since there’s no actual money at stake, using these apps does not give you the full experience of the emotional ups and downs in a volatile market.

3. Risk of Over-Optimizing: It is common to adjust your strategies to make more profit, but there’s a danger of going too far. It’s better to test with a variety of settings to avoid making your strategy too perfect for past data.

How to Paper Trade Crypto

  1. Select Your Strategy: You have options like scalping, day trading, and swing trading. Pick the one that matches your trading time and style best.
  2. Practice on Paper Trading: Using a paper trading app works just like real trading apps when you place orders.
  3. Test Your Strategy: Once you’ve chosen a strategy, it’s essential to test it in various situations to enhance your execution skills.
  4. Transition to Real Trading: After enough training and finding a strategy that works, think about moving on to actual trading.

Best Crypto Paper Trading Apps

#1. Binance

Binance stands out as a huge and well-known exchange platform because it offers diverse and high-quality services. But it’s not just an exchange; it’s also a crypto paper trading app.

Binance’s paper trading service includes both futures and spot trading, known as Binance Testnet Futures and Testnet Spot. It offers a safe environment that mimics the features and services of the main network.

#2. KuCoin

In 2017, KuCoin, an altcoin exchange, started offering paper trading on its KuCoin Futures platform, turning it into a real crypto paper trading app.

KuCoin’s paper trading tool mimics the actual market environment with tools and charts that look just like real trading. This helps users change leverage and manage their positions as if it were real trading.

#3. eToro

The demo account in eToro lets you try out everything the app offers. You can use charts, draw lines, make predictions, and place buy and sell orders, all without using real money.

Additionally, the virtual account comes with advanced tools like leverage, Stop-Loss, and Take-Profit, which allow you to practice different risk levels.

eToro’s app is user-friendly. It’s easy to navigate and start practicing cryptocurrency trading with a demo account. Just sign up for one on the platform.

#4. Bitfinex

Bitfinex Testnet is a practice app for trading cryptocurrencies. You can create and test your trading plans in a make-believe market. Bitfinex Testnet allows you to practice trading in various ways, like on the exchange, using margins, with derivatives, borrowing, and trading off the order desk.

This means you can use virtual money, borrow from others, and try big trades without using real money or going through public orders – all in one place.

But remember, in paper trading, you’re not using real money. It’s like a game where you can practice, but you can’t make real profits. This is true for Bitfinex Testnet as well.

#5. Bybit

Bybit is one of the most well-known exchange platforms in the market. This Testnet is like a practice area for trading cryptocurrencies. It’s not real, but you can learn how to trade without using your own money. What’s special about it is that it’s different from other practice platforms.

The platform is made to copy the real Bybit Mainnet, so you can use it to understand how the real platform works. This makes the trading experience as real as possible, helping you learn to trade in a safe place.

#6. TradingView

TradingView is a versatile tool used for trading. It is not just for real trading but also a crypto paper trading app. With it, you can make a virtual account, get virtual money, and trade cryptocurrencies without using your real money.


So, you should now grasp what crypto paper trading can provide and how it can sharpen your trading abilities without any real money on the line. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced trader exploring new strategies, paper trading is a valuable tool for learning and experimenting.

Picking the correct crypto paper trading app can greatly enhance your trading skills and understanding. It lets you grasp how the market works and try out different trading tactics without risking actual money. So, don’t overlook these apps, as they are essential for becoming a skilled trader.


Is paper trading good or bad?

Paper stock trading is essential for new traders. It helps them practice their trading strategies in a real-world setting without using real money. Plus, the best thing is that paper trading doesn’t affect the real market. So, traders can make confident decisions without fearing losses.

Is paper trading risk-free?

Paper trading is a technique where traders simulate real trading situations using pretend or “paper” money. This allows traders to carry out transactions without any risk, helping them improve their skills and experiment with their ideas.

Does paper trading affect the market?

Paper trading has its limitations because it doesn’t involve actual securities. This can give traders a false sense of security and lead to inaccurate investment returns. In simple terms, paper trading doesn’t mirror the real market because it lacks the risk associated with real money.

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