Career Counselling and its Importance

We are in the 21st century, and today there are many career options available. The time has gone where people had limited choices of either being a doctor or an engineer. There are so many choices available. This creates the importance of choosing the right career which can be done by providing career counselling to students at an early stage. Career counselling helps students to choose their career according to their interests. One of the most important things in life is a career which has a direct impact on an individual’s life.

Career defines a person and also determines one’s status in the outside world. Being such an important part of our lives, it becomes extremely important for us to select the best way to achieve our goals. Career counselling guides a person to achieve the best results.

With the advancement and improvement of technologies and sciences, there are so many new fields to explore which many times created confusion for the students and parents as to which career option to select? That’s where career counselling comes into action and provides a solution for the same.

When students pass class 10th or 12th, they come to a point where they need to choose a career. They start preparing for achieving a goal. At this point, the schools sometimes arrange career sessions for the students and sometimes the parents also arrange for some professional counsellor in order to solve the queries of the students. Hence, Parents and Schools try to show them a path to achieve their goal of their area of interest. Career counselling is not only for students but also for their parents. It tells their parents what to expect from their children and how to act in order to shape their child’s career.

Career counselling is also available at job level which helps a person to choose a job according to their interest and qualification. It also provides certain skills and also tells how and when to apply them.

There are many agencies now in many cities that provide the services of career counselling. Career counselling also provides advice to students who want to study abroad in countries like the USA, UK, etc.

The importance of career counselling and its need and awareness is also provided to us by means of televisions, newspaper, and various articles, etc. and also give advertisements for the various counselling services.

Career counselling is therefore very important in today’s time and it helps to clear various doubts and queries of students and job seekers and guides them with the proper opportunity to achieve the desired results and it also guides them to choose the better option available. Career counseling in many ways helps save time for students by helping them to avoid the trials and errors. It is also helpful for the parents in many ways as discussed above. In a short career, counseling is very important in today’s time and people need to understand its importance for a better future.

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