IIT India: Premier Educational Institutes in India

There are mainly IIT India institutes, which give high-quality education. Today career has become a very important thing in life. It has become a goal of life and everybody is going after it to make a successful career.

For making a career, education is extremely important. One needs to be well educated to be successful in life.

Further. it is also important that the educational institutions take this job very seriously and educate students in such a way that they gain their wanted results.

There are many educational institutions in our country which are giving such education which helps the students in making their career.

One such educational institution we will be dealing with here in this article is the IIT i.e. Indian Institute of Technology.

IIT India in Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology is a prestigious institute of engineering. Currently, there are 23 Indian institutes of Technology in India giving the best education to their students.

The IITs are governed under the Institute of Technology Act, 1961.  IIT has many Graduate and Post-Graduate programs dealing in Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, etc. All 23 IITs are connected by way of a common IIT Council which deals with their administration.

Establishment of IIT India

The first Indian Institute of Technology was set up in Kharagpur, in the year 1951. The competition is very tough to get admission in IIT.

More than 18,00,000 candidates appeared in the year 2019 for the JEE Mains exam. There are 23 IITs in different states i.e. in Madras, Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Kanpur, Roorkee, Guwahati, etc.

Admission in IIT India

IITs have a common procedure for admission in undergraduate courses. Every year IIT conducts JEE i.e. the Advanced Joint Entrance Examination for getting admission into the B.Tech course.

On the other side, IIT and IISc conduct GATE i.e. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering for getting admission into M.Tech and Ph.D. courses in the prestigious institution. Likewise, there are different entrance exams for various courses for getting admission to IIT.

IIT Eligibility in India

To get admission into any of the IIT, you need to appear for JEE Main exam.

  • Candidates should have 50% marks in the twelfth or equal exam. Also, should have 50% marks in mathematics subject.
  • There is no maximum age limit to appear in the JEE exam.
  • To appear for the exam, you should have passed or should be appearing in the 12th class.
  • You can appear thrice in the JEE entrance exam. You should appear in consecutive years.

IIT conducts the JEE entrance exam twice a year. IIT considers one attempt even if you appear twice in a calendar year.

Difficulties in getting admission

It is not easy to get admission in this prestigious institution and the candidates have to work very hard for it. The competition for securing a seat in IIT is increasing every year.

There are thousands of students who give the entrance exam for getting admission in IIT every year. The number of students who appear every year for the entrance exam is increasing every year.

For example, the number of students who appeared for the IIT JAM exam in the previous 5 years is listed below.

Year Approx. number of candidates
2015 25,000
2016 45,000
2017 54,654
2018 55,498
2019 66958


From the above calculations, it is evident that the number of candidates is increasing every year. This means that the competition for getting admission in IIT is increasing every year and therefore, it has become one of the toughest exams in India.

Moreover, when the competition is so tough, then obviously the cut-off percentage for getting admission to this prestigious institution is also high.

A career in IIT India

IIT’s (Indian Institutes of Technology), the prestigious group of institutes, are the center of higher learning in science, technology, and related fields around the country.

If we talk about the jobs in IIT, there is more to the list than just faculties.

Though teaching and faculty jobs in IIT have a wide range of disciplines in engineering and management.

Lecturers, assistant lecturers, professors, senior professors, and other grades of teaching posts are highly sought.

There are job avenues for project scientist, Hindi officer, Deputy registrar, Assistant registrar, sports officer, principal project scientist, research associate,  project assistant, and many others.


A candidate has to meet all the required standards displayed on the official website of IIT every year to appear in the competitive examination.

It is not easy to get admission to this prestigious institution and as such the candidates have to do a lot of hard work to secure a seat in IIT.

The IIT is amongst the top educational institutions serving excellent education to their students and building their career and therefore, there is no surprise as to why is it so difficult to get admission to IIT.

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