Looking For A Career? Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Even though most people seek higher education and training in a field they are looking for a career, the truth is that there are many roadblocks on this path to gainful employment. A study by the US Psychological Association shows that those in the formative years of 18 to 36 have found it very difficult to choose a career and are highly stressed because of this. They have been called Generation Stress. Hence, there is a need for career counseling.

While there is no doubt that more and more people are reaching levels of higher education, the number of aspirants who have found a suitable path to a happy career is falling off.

A study from Harvard University has shown that 6.7% of the world’s population hold degrees. But, there is as yet no figure that shows how many people are in that undecided point about their careers no matter the level of education. It can be a considerably difficult choice to make and with very little experience. But, here are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself when looking for a career that will suit you well and lead to a fulfilling life.

Do you want to enjoy what you do?

A study done by Forbes shows that there are far more unhappy workers than happy ones in the professional world. The big difference is the idea one finds in their activities which allows them to connect to their work in a meaningful way. If you feel that a career may push you towards undue amounts of stress, then maybe you will want to look for something more attuned to your pleasure. Striking a balance will be important.

Remember that work is not a bad thing or a punishment unless you have chosen something truly opposed to your skills and mood. With this in mind, think something you will actually enjoy doing as this is the key to a successful life. This is where you need to ask yourself if you actually enjoy your work or are looking to make a lot of money.

Are you ready to come out of your comfort zone?

No matter what career you choose, it will come with a certain measure of pure trouble that will test your mettle. You can’t expect great victory and success without its weight of hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance. And forget what all the motivational speakers say about pressing on and enduring, you need to choose a battle you can win.

This will mean actually getting what your career will demand of you to make it big and asking yourself if you have the inner strength to meet these challenges. For example, if you excel in organizational and management skills but lack the passion for working with other people, you will want to consider this before you choose a career in management.

Do you have the courage to mute the external voices?

A study from Ancestry.com has shown that only a mere 7% of all people will follow in the career footsteps of their ancestors. While it is generally assumed that a career can be an extension of a family tradition, this can’t be taken for granted. Furthermore, the person seeking to begin a career will have to deal with strong external influences offering “good ideas”.

Surprisingly, a US Survey found that only about 13% of the population admits to being happy in their choice of career. The rest have all placed their personal desires and career dreams aside to take up the logical and intelligent options implied by their trusted relations. This may be the most intelligent choice, but you will never know and you will always have to face that inner voice asking you if you should have run away and joined the circus, for example.

The point is you must remember that as helpful as your external advisors can be, you will be the one to walk the career path, and only you will know which career offers a warm and suitably challenging line of work for you.

Would you like to excel in your professional life?

The final goal of most people look for a career is to find something that they can really excel in and go the distance to collect some trophies. No one wants the prize for coming in the last place. But, to do this you need to choose a battlefield that befits your skills and talentsYou may want to be a captain of a cruise ship, but if you are afraid of the ocean this field of business will not get you far.

Choose a field that is right for your highest-caliber skills as this way you will not only have the passion to perform but the capacity to excel.

Excel in Professional Career Life

Can You stop unwanted hindrances in your career path?

Just because you have the skills, passion, and knowledge for your career path, this doesn’t mean it will be all smooth sailing. Every path you choose will have its large measure of competition and other hurdles that will have to be faced and addressed with fervor and passion. The hurdles and barriers along your path will ultimately decide how far you get and if you have the perseverance to change yourself with your challenges you will be able to defeat them.

Looking for a Career Path

Do you possess the undivided commitment to service?

This is actually harder for some people to define than others. It will mean placing your work and services in high regard in your own life and results in a superior form of dedication and personal identity. Choosing the right job I like choosing a component of your own self. The higher the level of personal joy you can derive from your professional activities, the better your progress along with your chosen career. This is needed even when you are looking for a career change.

Commitment towareds the Career

Do mismanagement and indiscipline trouble you when looking for a career?

Finally, you will need to pack your skills of management and discipline and keep these two important professional tools well-maintained and properly practiced. Management and discipline are the two most highly valued skills in today’s corporate world. Rate yourself on these two important components of a professional character and always strive for excellence as this will vastly increase your versatility and options in a professional setting.

Discipline : A must have quality when looking for a Career


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