What is Your Weakness? Smart Answers

What is Your Weakness?

When you go for a job interview, HR will ask you different kinds of job interview questions. One of them is What is your weakness? this is the commonly asked question.

You should be careful while answering this tricky question. Never tell an interviewer that you do not have any weaknesses. Though it is very hard to admit, everyone has one or more weaknesses.

Even stronger people have some weaknesses. You may feel afraid of answering this question but there are various answers.

You should tell the weakness which does not impact crucial requirements for the job position you have applied for. Always tell professional weakness rather than telling any personal weakness.

Personal weakness may include anger, anxiety, acting, etc. Also, emphasize that you are trying to control your weakness and improving yourself.

By asking about your weakness they do not want to degrade you. They want to know how much do you know about yourself.  So, answer this question confidently.

First of all, it is very important to know the job nature. Suppose the position you have applied for needs long-standing work then never tell that you cannot stand for long hours.

The interviewer may consider you unfit for the position. You should answer one or more out of the following weaknesses.


You may tell your academic weakness which is irrelevant to the job position. For example, do not say that you are poor at business accounting if you are applying for a chartered accountant job.

Poor Academics - What is your weakness

Poor at Public Speaking

Public speaking is something that can be developed. Once you start speaking you become used to it. So it will not give any negative impact on the interviewer.

Everyone who had started speaking publicly would have faced the same problem. It will show your honesty and will work as a plus point.

Poor at public speaking weakness

Sometimes too Honest

Being too honest is a big weakness. Actually, you don’t have to be honest before the interviewer. But you may say that you are too honest. The drawback of your being too honest is that people will easily calculate your actions.

Being too honest, What is your weakness


It is the era of competition. This would be among the best things which the interviewer may be looking for.

When you say “I am competitive”. You may notice a little smile on the interviewer’s face. Whatever weakness you tell, you should keep the example ready.

Being too competitive as a weakness


Doing too many tasks at once is called multitasking. The interviewer may say that it is a good thing to do many tasks at once.

Then you should reply that if you try to accomplish many tasks at once then frequently you have to switch from one task to another.

If we start tasks one by one then we can fully concentrate on one task and complete that within time.


Do Not Take Risk

Risks are mainly of two types calculated and uncalculated. If you take calculated risk in life then it is a positive signal.

You can tell that you do not take an uncalculated risk. It will work as both strengths and weaknesses.

If the job position requires you to take some risk then it will be added benefit for you even if you have defined this as your weakness.

My biggest weakness - I do not take risk


It is said that patience is a key element of success but it has disadvantages too.

You say Interviewer that because of being patient you miss important opportunities.

At the same time, you get good output. When you study books with patience you get more clarity which helps you understand the topic.

Is patience my weakness

Not good at Essay Writing

This weakness is not going to impact your interview negatively if you have applied for an accountant job.

An interviewer may ask you that when did you try to write an essay last. So you should have an answer readily available.

Poor Designing of Presentation

You may say that you cannot make good designs and layouts in PowerPoint presentations.

Because it is a personal choice. Some people like light color and some hard.

Designing is a thing where even a perfect designer will get some corrections from the boss.

Not Good at Remembering Dates

You may tell an interviewer that you are not good at remembering dates. You may give an example of not remembering dates of battles happened across the world.

Because generally, no one is able to remember all dates unless someone is a history scholar.

Make Spelling Mistakes

There are various spellings of which we often get confused. So, you may say you have average vocabulary skills.

In addition, you should also tell that you are gradually improving.

You should give reference to the websites or books from which you are trying to improve your skills.

I am a solo performer

Solo Performer

Some people perform better when they are accomplishing the task solo.

Because when you are doing the task there is no one to disturb you and you can concentrate and give better output.


Being self-critical is a strength than a weakness. If you say I am self-critical, that means you can analyze yourself.

A person who can analyze oneself has the ability to improve and move further in life.

Self critical

Take too Much Responsibility

Taking too much responsibility may be a weakness of yours but this is what the interviewer is expecting from you.

Because It is the weakness that is rarely found. At the same time, you should emphasize that you believe in teamwork.

Also, add that in teamwork we can think broadly and get something from each one’s idea.

Taking too much responsibility

Too Eager

Generally, children have an eagerness to know things. They ask What, Why, Who kind of questions.

So, suppose you have applied for a position where you need to know details about competitors in the market then you are being too eager can be an asset for the company.

An interviewer may consider you the right person. It gives an indication that you try to know in detail about the things.

Being too eager or detail-oriented may irritate people but can be beneficial for the organization.

Too eager


You should define yourself as unorganized in many ways, say that your room is always unorganized.

Also, say that you focus more on study or learning things online rather than keeping things in an organized manner.

Though early in the morning you clean and organize things properly it becomes hard for you to maintain things in the same state.

If you answer in this way then you are telling one weakness but at the same time, you are showing your commitment towards the study and learning things.



Workaholic means while you work you do not bother about your hunger, sleep, and comfort which can negatively affect your health.

At the same time, you should tell the interviewer that you take exercise regularly. Also, you must emphasize that you enjoy your work.


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