8 Ways to Successfully Make a Career Change

A change in career will seem intimidating to someone who has not done it before. There are many reasons why people seek a career change. Maybe they have developed new interests that they wish to include in their work or maybe they need more flexible working hours, more money, etc. The list is endless because … Read more

Simple Jobs Which Can Be Done Online With Android Phone

Smartphones have redefined everything around us. The whole world is available at our fingertips. Every single thing has become more than convenient, all thanks to smartphones. No traditional setups are in practice anymore. Have you wondered what jobs can be done online with an android phone? A lot of people prefer their smartphones over desktop … Read more

What is the average Salary in India in 2020?

Do you want to know what is the average salary in India in 2020? Here is the full guide, I have covered the salary of the most popular jobs in India. There is a lot of struggle for a fresher in every job. Once you get experienced, there is no problem, you get $500 per … Read more

Railway Junior Engineer Job Profile/ RRB JE Job Profile in Hindi

रेलवे में जूनियर इंजीनियर की जॉब एक जिम्मेदारी और चुनौतियों से भरी हुई जॉब है | रेलवे में जूनियर इंजीनियर की निम्नलिखित शाखाएं होती हैं Junior Engineer (Electronics and Telecommunication) Junior Engineer (Information Technology) Junior Engineer (Electrical) Junior Engineer (Mechanical) Junior Engineer (Civil). Junior Engineer (Electronics and Telecommunication) के कार्य :- वह सुनिश्चित करता है … Read more

Your first day at Job – What employer must do

Do you think one will join a company only for the salary? So what is that “something” that an employee wants? Well, the answer to this is a good Employee Onboarding process. This process is done to keep the employee engaged in the organization and retain them for a longer period of time. This helps … Read more