Kerala Scholarship

Kerala Scholarship

A Sorry State of Indian States

Even after more than 60 years of its independence India as a state is tackling the major problems of Health crisis and poverty. Among these the main requirements for any developing economy, which is of education and health are being neglected because the economy of India is not capable enough to sustain the state funded education and excellent Health opportunities. Being a poor Nation Oliver independent live. India has not emerged from its shadow of being a Marginalized country when it comes to the field of Education These can be very funded from the data’s that can be obtained from every state regarding the literacy rates and the amount of Education that an average individual in the state is getting in his or her life. The literacy rates as well as the levels of Education are very low to say the least. Below ten percent of the average population of India has ever received any form of tertiary education, which means that Indians are more often stopping at Basic level education and not going for higher education. But among these states and the data that is being obtained from them. There is one state which has outperformed all. This state has set an example for other states and has an remarkable literacy rate of about ninety percent today. The state is none other than the state of Kerala. 

Kerala Shows The Way

Kerala is called as God’s own country. It has extremely beautiful Scenic Landscapes and is very famous for its clean and Serene peaches. Kerala has a lot to offer when it comes to education and health facilities. Talking about health facilities, they are the best in class facilities in the government hospitals of Kerala and all of this is because of the prioritizing of Health sector by the government’s in Kerala built of any political party. Even the education sector in Kerala has seen a great boost all because of this prioritizing activity. 

Why Kerala is successful

The Kerala governments have made the education and health sectors as their priority and have invested heavily in both of them. Apart from that the general awareness among the population of Kerala is also immense. It is due to this reason that more and more parents are wanting their children to get educated or at least literate and this has provided Kerala with its 90% literacy rate among the people belonging to the heavenly state of Kerala. The students in Kerala do not just stop at attaining basic education. They are determined to get more educated and are the Largest community that enroll into postgraduate education as well. Kerala has given the most brightest of minds to the country and has been home to many world leaders as well.

Scholarships in Kerala 

The government of Kerala in its policies for investing into the sector of education has been providing many important scholarships in the state. One of the most prominent scholarships that are being offered by the government of Kerala for more than 15 years. Today is the DCE scholarship which has helped thousands of students in the state for their higher education. 

The scholarships that are being provided by the government of Kerala have been running for more than 20 years now and are continuing with excellent results as well. It is a matter of fact that in Kerala the scholarships related scams and frauds are going to be the least in number. This means that The scholarships are given to genuine candidates and even the candidates are reciprocating with excellent results. These scholarships are started from the level of Elementary education under extending up to higher education as well. Many universities in Kerala are coming under the domain of these scholarships to the needy students and have helped in growing the society in many different ways. 

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