Lecturer Jobs in India : Career Prospects

Lecturer jobs in India: Career Prospects

Lecturer jobs are always considered well-respected jobs as teaching is one of the noblest professions all across the globe. Lecturer jobs in India are one of the most sought-after professions as these jobs have both respect and money, and plus there is a great prospect of career growth in this field. However, this job definitely requires research, hard work, passion and interest. Candidates who are passionate about teaching can definitely think of lecturer jobs in India.

Eligibility Criteria of Lecturer Jobs in India

A candidate interested in pursuing lecturer jobs in India should clear the examination of National Eligibility Test or NET conducted every year by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Before that, he or she should be a master degree or a post-graduate in any subject specialization. NET is conducted by the UGC two times a year, usually in June and December.

Why is NET conducted?

Net is conducted very year to rightfully choose candidates for lecturer jobs in India. Candidates qualifying NET ensure that they meet the minimum standards in the teaching profession and research. The test is conducted for various subjects like as all subjects that come under Humanities, Languages, and other subject specializations like as Forensic Science, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Electronic Science etc.

For certain other specialized subjects, UGC- CSIR NET examination is conducted for lecturer jobs in India. These subjects include Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences Chemical Sciences, Planetary Sciences, etc. This exam is conducted jointly by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and UGC.
There are two written tests for the NET exam. The first written test is of General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude and the second written test is of subject specialization chosen in post-graduation degree. While the first written test evaluates the candidate’s aptitude in teaching and research, the other paper evaluates the candidates’ command over the subject. 

Once the candidates pass both the written tests, they become eligible to apply for lecturer jobs in India.  However, it is to be noted that all vacancies in Government colleges and universities are advertised on the local newspapers time-to-time, and these should be applied as per the directions given. There are few states which conduct their own lecturer test on the similar lines as NET. Such tests are referred as State Lecturer Eligibility Test or SLET. For instance, if Madhya Pradesh conducts SLET, then the examination is referred as MPSLET and candidates can apply for lecturer jobs in MP once they clear MPSLET.

Career prospects of lecturer jobs in India

At the initial stage, the pay scale may not be highly lucrative as most candidates get the lectureship position in AdHoc position. Once their job becomes permanent, they get the pay grade as per UGC norms. The candidates who are chosen for lecturer jobs in India get a salary in the pay grade of Rs.8000-13500 per month, both in universities of the State and Central Universities. The pay scale is almost in the range of Rs.40, 000 to Rs.50, 000 per month at the initial stage and can go up to Rs.90,000-Rs. 1 Lakh with experience and promotions.

In today’s time, many new Government and private universities and colleges have come up which have offered a good number of lecturer jobs in India. Those who are in this profession, they feel a great deal of job satisfaction.

There is a great prospect of career growth in lecturer jobs in India. You join as a lecturer, but with time, experience and performance, you can be in the role of a Reader, than Assistant Professor, Professor, and finally you can retire as the Head of the department. With additional qualifications as MPhil and Doctorate, and also as per one’s ability to do well in varying fields of education, a lecturer can go as high up to the senior most position as the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

With the growth of education field, lecturer jobs in India definitely have great career prospects.

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