Simple Jobs Which Can Be Done Online With Android Phone

Smartphones have redefined everything around us. The whole world is available at our fingertips. Every single thing has become more than convenient, all thanks to smartphones. No traditional setups are in practice anymore. Have you wondered what jobs can be done online with an android phone?

A lot of people prefer their smartphones over desktop screens or laptops. And even the traditional way of work from home which required a laptop, a notepad, and a pen on a desk is not needed anymore. An android phone is more than enough to be able to work and earn extra bucks.

You need to have the willingness, skills, and talent. And that is more than sufficient to give you the push to work and earn from something as handy as your smartphone. And who would not want to earn money in return for zero investment?

A-List of Jobs That Can Be Done With Android Phone

Language Tutor

If you know more than one language fluently, you can be a tutor and teach a language to strangers from any part of the world. There are a lot of applications that offer you the chance to connect to people who want to learn a foreign language. All you need is an android phone with good camera quality and a good command of your own native tongue.

Social Media Influencer

It is a myth that you have to be an actor or famous personality to be a social media influencer and earn from this field. You only need to have a circle of social media followers, who trust your word of advice. Irrespective of the number of followers, nowadays brand companies look for people who have a close circle which the influencers can convince of the product.

Survey Taker

The mere task of taking surveys will surely not help you earn a thousand bucks at once. But you can always earn extra income. And it is not at all time-consuming. Also, you can do the task of the survey-taking any time during the day. You either need to answer a few questions or watch a few videos to take the survey.

App Tester

Almost everyone has their phone in their hand, all day long. So why not make that habit a little constructive? The task of an App Tester is as simple as the name suggests. You are supposed to test new apps that are launched in the market and give feedback for the same. You can consult with the developers of the app and give them suggestions to
improve the product.

Market Research

A lot of companies pay you to conduct market research for their brand and the new products that they launch. If you are comfortable in making cold calls to strangers, then you are good to go. You need to make random phone calls and ask the receiver’s feedback on a certain kind of issue or product that you are working for.


If writing is your passion, then you can make money through it as well. A lot of people jot down their interests and share them on the internet. You might as well make money through it. If you write well, you can also grasp the attention of a lot of people. Remember, words have a lot of power. And if you are successful in catching the attention of the people who read what you write, then you can earn money as well. Many companies hire people to write articles and blogs for them on various social media platforms. And the task is simple enough to be conducted on a smartphone itself.

If you want to write your own blog and not for someone else’s business, then also there are options through which you can earn money. If you have a good number of readers who visit your blog site on a regular basis, then you can sign contracts with companies to promote their brand via posting advertisements on your blog website for them.


A lot of websites offer freelance jobs on a regular basis. There is an endless number of offerings that have a number of short-term tasks enlisted to be completed within a certain period of time. You can work at the comfort of your house, merely with the availability of your smartphone. And there is no constraint of time. You can be a freelance writer for a company or a social media manager for their platforms.

Virtual Assistant

Tasks like data entry can also be done with the ease of a phone. At the maximum, you need to have a handset that has a conveniently usable keypad. Converting documents to excel sheets is one of the easiest tasks to do. You only need to have good concentration power. Virtual assistants can do much more than just data entry. You can be asked to do research and writing, managing social media, editing, and various little tasks. But the main thing is that all of these can be done on the smartphone itself.


If you think you are a grammar nazi and detect mistakes very quickly, this job is meant for you. You can easily read documents or articles that need proofreading on your smartphone. And companies really need proofreaders. Because a human ought to make mistakes. So double or triple checking is always recommended before the piece is finally published online or printed to be available to the public.


Your smartphone surely has a speaker and a typing pad. That is all that you need for this job. You are required to listen to audio files and type them down in the form of texts. The only two prerequisites are good typing skills and command of your English and grammar.

Online Tutor

It is not just a language that you can teach online. Students need help in various subjects and nowadays everyone tries to find solutions online instead of going and asking for the answers physically. You have the knowledge, so you might as well help others. You can make videos from your smartphone and upload them either on your own channel or the various apps or websites that give you the platform to do so.

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