Resume Headlines for Freshers & Experienced | Tips & Examples

The goal of a resume is to grab an employer’s attention by proving you are the perfect fit for the job. And the best way to make your resume eye-catching is by adding a resume headline. A resume headline is a summary, usually a one-liner, of your career profile. It highlights your skills, strengths, as well as your experience while communicating to the employer everything you have to offer as a candidate. A resume headline for fresher candidates is quite different from what a fresher can write on his resume.

The resume headline for experienced candidates is all about highlighting the years of relevant work experience they have collected. But that doesn’t mean freshers cannot create resume headlines for their resume.

Tips for Writing Resume Headlines

To help you write your own resume headline, here are a few tips to keep in mind before getting started:

Keep it concize

The whole point of putting a resume headline is to state your value in a precise, eye-catching manner. So your resume headline should not be more than a line. It should not even be a sentence, just writing a brief phrase should do the trick.

Use keywords

Use keywords that highlight your skills and talent. It is more helpful to use the words directly taken from the job listing to make an impression that you are the perfect fit. If applicable, try to use the job title in your resume headline.

Capitalize the headline

The best way to make your resume headline noticeable is by capitalizing it. This way your resume headline looks like the title of your resume and as a result becomes eye-catching.

Avoid cliches

Since the goal is to make your resume stand out from the crowd, avoid using phrases that the employers are used to seeing. Instead, use keywords from the job listing. Or if it is the case of writing a resume headline for experienced candidates, then it is best to highlight your work experience followed by relevant skills.


Do not use the same resume headline for each job you submit your resume for. Try to personalize the headline according to the demand and requirement of each job role. This proves to the employers that you put in efforts in your job application.

Place it correctly

Your resume headline essentially acts as a title for your resume. This is why it should be placed at the top and be the first thing anyone notices about your resume.

Be specific

Do not put vague qualities or skills in your resume headline. Try to be as specific to the job role as possible and mention only relevant skills and qualities.

Massive Achievement

If you have gained a huge achievement or recognition or an award in the relevant field, you can use that in your resume headline. It will act as a great added advantage for you.

Reasons to use Resume Headline

Resume headlines are useful for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or if you are using resume headlines for experienced people. As a fresher, you can use resume headlines to emphasize your skills and qualities. In contrast, an experienced person can use it as an opportunity to highlight their greatest accomplishments.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons to use a resume headline. For instance, a resume headline can help you focus on your pitch. Summarizing your professional strengths and experiences can be challenging. But a good resume headline can make it easier for employers to remember you.

Moreover, there is a concept of applicant tracking software that is used by most recruiters. Because of this, many candidates whose resumes lack the right “keywords” for the job get screened out before even making it to the employer’s table. By writing a good resume headline, your resume will manage to get past the ATS.

Examples of Resume Headlines

● Senior marketing strategists with more than 5 years of experience in managing global digital campaigns.
● An energetic MBA graduate with internship experience in international business.
● Multilingual registered nurse with 7 years of experience in pediatrics.
● Award-winning editor with more than ten years of experience covering international affairs.
● Resourceful project manager with 6 years of experience managing teams.
● Skilled IT professional with more than 11 years of experience in software support.
● A certified digital marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience.
● Detail-oriented Economics graduate with a keen interest in the e-commerce industry.
● Dedicated subject teacher with 6 years of experience.
● Skilled bartender with 3 years of experience at high-end restaurants.
● Passionate sales executive with 2 years of experience in Insurance and healthcare management.
● A successful retail agent with 9 years of work experience.
● Experienced data analyst with a deep understanding of data mining and data warehouse.
● BE graduate skilled in SQL and carries a passion for software development.
● Experienced front desk professional with high customer ratings.
● Bilingual high school instructor with experience in health education.
● Self-motivated architect with experience in design, development, and application maintenance.
● Lead mobile software engineer with hands-on experience in JAVA and PHP.
● Social media specialist with 6 years of work experience in creating strategies for brand awareness.

Writing a resume headline is not compulsory by any means, however, it does add an edge and an overall structure to your resume. It is a great way to generate a recruiter’s or an employer’s interest in your profile by emphasizing your skills, interests, as well as your talent.

For freshers, highlighting their skills is the best way to use resume headlines. The minute an employer will see the desired skill on your resume, they will be interested in learning more about you. While using resume headlines for experienced candidates is the best and fastest way to highlight their expertise and achievements they have accumulated over the years.

While a resume headline in itself might not be enough to land you a job interview, it is definitely enough to intrigue the employer to read more about you to see if you will be fit for the job.



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