Teaching Jobs and Education Career in India

“Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.” Teaching is one of the greatest professions humankind has ever created. Hadn’t it for their teachers, some of the most brilliant minds in the world would not have achieved the greatness they did. 

Redefining School Learning 

The sector is again seeing a drift with the uprising of the digital age. Teaching is not just limited to classrooms and books. It has grown much bigger than that. An example that would clarify this would be BYJU’S being the main sponsor of Team India currently. That big the education sector has become. However, the job prospectus of the sector is largely uncapitalized. Most of the digital educators are self-employed and not much has improved in teaching jobs as such.

India has a huge population and it may be a source of lots of problems but it’s a boon for digital stats. India is second to the US in terms of the online population. China is an equal competitor but the internet restrictions in the country don’t help it much when it comes to its importance in the global audience. With so many students and teachers online, the education sector is booming sky high in India. 

Digital Learning Tools

Platforms like YouTube and UnAcademy are filled with a variety of high-quality courses by highly qualified teachers. On top of that, a student doesn’t need to learn only one way. There are so many options in the play that he/she can choose any teacher whose methods he/she prefers. Since most of the educators are online and don’t have control over their audience; they are really working hard to engage as many students as possible.

Trends of Digital Education by Educators

That being said, the education sector is on the rise and many foreign investments are coming in this sector under FDI. India has the highest ‘young’ population and young minds always need a mentor to guide them. According to the stats, India has over 250 million school students. Now with the quarter-million students in schools all over the nation, there has to be a gap that needs to be filled. The job profiles are also not just restricted to typical classroom teaching. 

Many schools are introducing digital classrooms to improve the quality of teaching their school provides. Other than teachers, schools also have counselors now that help students to deal with different problems they come across from time to time. 

Then they have specific career counselors, e-learning developers, instructional counselors, and the list go on. Teaching is still the primary goal but in the modern age, many other aspects of life are also seeing the light of the day in schools. If you’re looking to make a career in the education sector, this may be the best time to capitalize on it.

Job Outlook for Teachers

With more and more people turning towards online solutions, a surge has been seen for ‘latest teaching jobs’ and ‘school teaching vacancies.’ The answers are mainly from common job portals which are not personalized to the teachers. Some schools that are realizing the importance of going digital are mainly posting jobs while the majority are still preferring the old methods. 

Moreover, the teaching vacancies present online are mainly for teachers for Graduate degree and beyond. School teachers are still struggling for a competence platform. 

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