The Pros and Cons of Working for the Government- Sarkari Naukri

Tell me one thing, when you talk or think about government, what pops into your head? For many people, images of our president, cabinet secretariat and the Raj Bhavan may come to mind. But believe me, friends those are indelible images of the country’s government, but they do not completely represent the day-to-day functions of how the business of the People gets done. For the typical Sarkari employee, more common images would be the inside of a cubicle, the county jail, or the back of a garbage truck. Some government profile includes police officers, firefighters (Navy, Army) social workers and others, such as human resource specialists, engineers, accountants, and computer programmers exist in both the private and the public sectors. So, how do job aspirants choose whether to work in the public or private sector? To take any decision it is important to consider the positive and negative sides both.

In this article, browse the complete pros and cons of working for the Government and apply for a suitable job opportunity at the earliest. Here, I’ve listed down the major advantages and disadvantages of Government jobs, and after reading the benefits being offered, your motivation level will go up! Job seekers must consider various factors carefully while settling on a particular profession.

Job Security or Stability

How secure is your job? One of the frightening question to face when you are in your job. Government jobs indeed offer unparalleled job security as once you land up in a government job, there is very little chance that you will be fired! Private sectors are prone to layoffs based on performance and govt employees are rarely fired based on their performance.

Working Hours

As we all know, more and more aspirants are applying for Government job posts each year. I think the number of Government job aspirants is increasing at an alarming rate in our country because of fixed working hours. In a private job, one has to do overtime and if Sarkari employee has to do overtime, then he/ she is entitled to fascinating overtime benefits.

Regular Income

The masses are more inclined towards government jobs because of the stable source of income. Your salary and other benefits will not be affected even if the company you are in is loss-making. For instance, Punjab National Bank Employees get their salary and other benefits on time during loss.

Handsome Salary

The foremost advantage of Sarkari Naukri is the fascinating pay scales. With the introduction of the sixth pay commission, the salary, TA, DA, Rent, and other allowances, which a government employee gets, is in par with the corporate sector.

Post Retirement Benefits

Also, there are ample perks and allowance benefits which public sector staff can avail of like health insurance, medical leave, and other income security benefits. In the govt sector, one can get to enjoy decent medical cover for themselves and their family.

Work Stress

Government employees get to enjoy a decent number of holidays every year. Private sector jobs are more stressful in comparison to govt jobs. The work pressure in Sarkari Naukri even if high would have more than enough time frame to finish it in the best manner possible unlike that of private-sector jobs.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have tried to provide you with all the important information that you need to pursue your career goals and dreams in life. And now, the ball is in your court. Now you are aware of the important points and have gained proper knowledge of both the sectors, you are responsible to set your career path by making a smart choice based on your comfort and preference.

Government jobs are in much demand because of a good salary, attractive appraisal structure, availability of holidays, fixed working hours, perks and concessions, etc. Hence, keep searching the latest government job on, a website that helps you to find the latest Sarkari Naukri Vacancy in your city or state based on your qualifications.

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