Why Mumbai is a dream destination for young professionals?

Mumbai the capital city of the state of Maharashtra is among the most populous cities in the country. It is always been considered as the commerce, finance and entertainment capital of the country. There are ample jobs available in Mumbai which offer lucrative career prospects for young professionals. Many young fresh graduates leave their home town and come to this city to look for jobs in Mumbai and build a prospective career. There are job opportunities available in almost all industry domains, especially in the fields of media and entertainment and fashion, IT and finance.

Why Mumbai is a favorable destination for young professionals?
  • The best part of a life in Mumbai is that it is never boring. You can expect a bustling and active life here at any time. This is something which lures young people to look for job opportunities here.
  • Mumbai having a vast industrial sector, with many leading domestic companies and MNCs, offers great job opportunities for the new-age young professionals.  
  • It is to be noted that the GDP of the city is much higher than our country’s national average. This means that the economy of Mumbai is growing continuously.
  • It is considered as the richest city of the country. The largest number of billionaires in India is found here. 
  • According to latest pay report, Mumbai is one of the top paying cities in India. No wonder, jobs in Mumbai offer a good salary package. 
  • Mumbai has ample opportunities to offer to the young professionals, irrespective of educational backgrounds.
Few sectors to look out for jobs in Mumbai

Some of the prominent sectors for young professionals to look out for jobs in Mumbai:

Banking & Finance

 It is the finance capital. The city is home to a number of financial market players. Banking and finance professionals can try for jobs in Mumbai in merchant banks, brokerage firms, investment firms. For qualified professionals, getting a job in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or the Reserve Bank of India is a dream cum true, not to forget the jobs in other leading banks and financial institutions of the country.

Mass media and entertainment sector

The entertainment world in Mumbai, in terms of Bollywood, TV, Radio Stations, and Online Media, is the hub of offering prospective jobs in Mumbai. Here, all types of jobs are available for the young, enthusiastic crowd. The city is home to a large number of production houses, media companies, advertising agencies, providing jobs to a large number of people in Mumbai.

Information Technology Sector

The IT sector in Mumbai is not far too behind. Software professionals and engineers can definitely look for prospective jobs in Mumbai in the IT sector. Some special mentions include the names of HCL Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Capgemini, Dell, IBM, Accenture, HP who have their offices here. Interesting jobs are available for software and hardware engineers, QA analysts, developers, programmers, and so on. 

Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector in Mumbai also offers good job opportunities for the young professionals. Right from the start-ups to the best-known companies, the manufacturing sector is fast pacing, providing ample jobs in Mumbai.  

Fashion industry

Last but not the least, when are you in Mumbai, how can you forget the fashion industry, which actually provides bread and butter for many people in the city. Mumbai opens the door for a great career in the fashion industry. Candidates who have done professional courses related to fashion can try jobs in Mumbai as Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Fashion Technologist, Luxury Brand Manager, Merchandiser, Fashion Blogger and Journalist, and so on. 

To sum up

There is no dearth of good jobs in Mumbai. It has rightly been referred as the ‘land of opportunities’ and has been a dream destination for many young professionals.

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