Meta Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2060

With the rise of social media, Meta has gained prominence in the global market. The demand for cutting-edge technology continues to grow as the world becomes increasingly digital. And Meta is at the forefront of this trend, developing innovative solutions that are shaping the future of technology.

As such, it has become increasingly important for investors to understand the company’s stock forecast clearly. In this article, we will examine the current state of Meta’s stock forecast and provide an overview of the potential future outlook. 

We will also discuss the key factors that affect the stock’s performance and the strategies investors should consider when trading Meta stock. With this information in hand, investors can make informed decisions about their investments and ensure long-term success.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the Meta stock price prediction.

Meta Stock Price History

Meta Platforms Inc. stocks have had a turbulent price history since their initial public offering (IPO) in 2013. The stock price initially rose sharply, reaching an all-time high of USD 382.18 in 2021.

Meta Stock Price Prediction(2024-2060)

Meta Stock on Yahoo Finance
Meta Stock on Yahoo Finance
Prediction YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2024

The maximum price for Meta shares could be $300 in 2024, but with a strong performance in 2024, the price could go even higher. In addition, the average Meta stock price may be $225. By 2024, there is a decent chance that Meta stock may be trading at least at $150 per share.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2025

The market analysis indicates that the price of a share of Meta stock in 2025 may be anywhere from $152 to $158, with a high price of $158 being the most likely outcome. By 2025, the market may have achieved a new all-time high or, at the very least, a higher price range.

Meta could go higher than this if the market price improves. In addition, by 2025, its price may have settled at an average price of $156.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the price of Meta may reach $190, which would be an all-time high. This would suggest that interest in this stock would increase by that year if it were to materialize. Meta stock might also be trading at a low price of $180 in 2030, with an average price of $185, if the market is bearish.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2035

Shares of Meta could increase in value and be between $200 and $210 by 2035, assuming the market continues to grow as forecast. If things keep going well until 2030, the market could be able to reach this with an average price of $205, which is a strong chance. That would indicate that the market has attained its full potential.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2040

In 2040, with the stock market expected to have greatly expanded, the price of Meta could reach an all-time high. Moreover, its price may range from as low as $230 to as high as $240. Therefore, the average price of Meta stock could be $235.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2050

2050 could be a great year for Meta due to increased usage. If that’s the case, we could see a price range of $260 to $300, with a possible average price of $280. The Meta stock may provide greater gains over the long term if you can bear to hold on to it.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2060

The price of a share of Meta could reach $400 in 2060, or it could drop to $385, depending on the market state. It is difficult to predict what Meta may cost in the year 2060, although experts predict that it might go up to $400 or higher. If we take a long-term view, the average price of a share of Meta stock in the year 2060 may be around $396.


Is Meta a Good Stock to Buy?

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META) is a Moderate Buy based on 26 Buys, nine Holds, and three Sell ratings. The average Meta Platforms price target is $154.19, which gives META stock a possible upside of about 28% in the next 12 to 18 months.

That said, whether or not Meta Platforms is a good stock to buy depends on your individual investment goals and risk tolerance. You should always research and consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

What Is the Long-Term Outlook for Meta and its Stock?

The long-term outlook for Meta Platforms and its stock is mostly bullish. Wall Street analysts are predicting that Meta’s profits will still grow over time, with a consensus of analyst price targets for Meta Platforms at $147.74.

Analysts are forecasting that Meta’s EPS will be high in the next 5 years, and Meta is likely to remain the dominant social media company on a global scale. Additionally, Meta has on average historically risen by 24.2% based on the past 10 years of stock performance.

How to Invest in the Meta Stock?

To invest in Meta stock, you must open a trading account with a brokerage firm. Once you have opened an account, you will need to fund it with a bank transfer, debit/credit card, or other payment option accepted by the broker.

Once your account is funded, you can evaluate Meta stock thoroughly and decide how much you want to invest. After deciding the amount, you can decide your order type (market, limit, stop, etc.) and place your order. Finally, be sure to track the performance of your investment.

Final Words

Meta is a very big company and we feel that the future is bright for the company. But ultimately, whether or not Facebook is a “good stock” depends on an individual’s investment goals and risk tolerance. It’s important to conduct deep research and consult an advisor before making investments.

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