8 Ways to Successfully Make a Career Change

A change in career will seem intimidating to someone who has not done it before. There are many reasons why people seek a career change. Maybe they have developed new interests that they wish to include in their work or maybe they need more flexible working hours, more money, etc. The list is endless because … Read more

Top Qualities of a Leader

There is no one way to define leadership. But in the simplest terms, a leader plays the dominant role in a group and guides the other members towards the accomplishment of specific goals. This, however, is a very simplified version of what a leader should be. Because the strength of a great leader has less … Read more

What is Your Weakness? Smart Answers

What is Your Weakness? When you go for a job interview, HR will ask you different kinds of job interview questions. One of them is What is your weakness? this is the commonly asked question. You should be careful while answering this tricky question. Never tell an interviewer that you do not have any weaknesses. … Read more

Simple Jobs Which Can Be Done Online With Android Phone

Smartphones have redefined everything around us. The whole world is available at our fingertips. Every single thing has become more than convenient, all thanks to smartphones. No traditional setups are in practice anymore. Have you wondered what jobs can be done online with an android phone? A lot of people prefer their smartphones over desktop … Read more