Gunbot Review 2024: Is It a Trustworthy Trading Bot?

In this article, we will have Gunbot Review which is being considered as a powerful trading bot. Also, we will see how Gunbot works, key features, pros, cons, pricing, and customer support.

Gunbot Review

What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a well-known crypto trading bot that allows you to perform automated trading of a wide range of pairs across the cryptocurrency market. You can use the pre-made trading strategies that come with the trading software, or you can create your own.


Official Website
Supported ExchangeBinance, Coinbase, Bybit, Kraken, Gunthy and 100 others
Number of trading bots20 built-in bots with customizable options
Mobile Support Yes
Customer SupportSupport by Email, Document User Guide, and Contact Form

Key Features

These are the key features of the Gunbot.

1. Indicators for Confirmation

You can set up confirming indicators to limit your buy/sell consideration to just trading when particular indicators fall inside a range you set, which can help you improve your trading strategy.

For example, only permit purchase orders if the RSI is 30 or below. Each indicator has completely customizable period parameters.

Confirming indicators include ADX, EMA, MFI, RSI, EMA spread, Stochastic, and StochRSI. To add more indicator pairs and change your plan due to changing market conditions, use AutoConfig.

2. Multi-Platform

You can use the Gunbot website and crypto tools on different platforms, including Linux, Windows, macOS, and ARM. Gunbot’s software license is not platform-specific, so you can use it on any device. Because of this, the trading bot is better than those which are platform-specific.

Additionally, updates to the software are free of charge. Gunbot needs 64-bit CPUs, 2GB of RAM, and 10GB of free storage space to operate. Both the command line and Gunbot’s user-friendly GUI are available for control.

3. Unlimited Trading Pairs

Every version of Gunbot has no limitations on the number of active trading pairs inside an installation. You can trade any number of trading pairs at your exchange, or even a single pair.

4. DCA and Revarsal Trading Bots

Users may sell at a profit without losing all of the invested money due to Gunbot’s DCA cryptocurrency bot, which averages asset prices following a buy order. Both beginners and the public can use this method.

One more important Gunbot feature is Reversal Trading (RT). In times of market falls, the bot uses open buy orders to gain additional units of the used currency. Producing profits, it regularly buys and sells when prices drop. It sells for a profit when prices go up.

5. Telegram Integration

Users can contact the trading bot using Telegram, to track their profit or loss information for each trading pairing.

It is possible to make on-the-go changes, such as changing on or off-pairs. There are more push alerts available for successful transactions. It is useful for users to keep track of current deals and easily filter products according to pairs.

6. Automated Config

You can tell selling trends with the help of Gunbot’s AutoConfig function. You can manage your Gunbot setup manually by using the AutoConfig toolbox. You can design your own filter rules to automate almost any part of the setting, and it provides powerful air filters.

This involves trading with a moving profit target, for example, or automating other strategy features. Additionally, you can watch one pair while changing settings for another.

7. 20+ Buy & Sell Method

You get 20 different trading plans from Gunbot, which you can join and adjust to create fresh trading strategies.

Average Directional Index (ADX), Average True Range (ATR), Trailing Stop, Bollinger Bands with a percentage distance from the bands, Bollinger Bands crossover, EMA spread, Emotionless, Gain, Ichimoku, MACD, MACDH, PingPong, Stepgain, SMA cross, Time series analysis, and Trailing stop/stop limit.

8. Backtesting Add-On

You can test about every strategy setting in Gunbot by using the testing add-on. It means that you can assess the past capacity of your trading plans.

You can enable Gunbot’s TradingView add-on to make trades according to your trading strategies if you use, a platform for strategy analysis and testing.

You can backtest nearly any coin pair available on the exchange you use, providing that TradingView is suitable for it.

9. Balance Options

Based on the currency pair, there are limits on the investment per trade in Gunbot. Giving this limit as a percentage of the available base currency or as a fixed amount is possible. You have the option to sell or keep the units offered.

Gunbot can ignore small holdings often known as “dust”, that are smaller than the minimum deal value needed by the exchange. Use the funds’ save function to ensure that there is always a set base currency amount.

10. TradingView add-on

Gunbot can follow trading alerts supplied by due to the TradingView add-on. This allows for completely customized strategies at TradingView with pine script.

To ensure that sell orders occur over the break-even point and fulfill the exchange minimum transaction volume, the add-on allows for some caution.

The add-on also has a mixed mode that allows you to use it to execute TradingView alerts in addition to Gunbot strategies.

Pros of Gunbot

  • Gunbot works with every supported exchange.
  • It offers Linux, Mac, and Windows support.
  • Gunbot allows permits for all time.
  • Take advantage of a vibrant and helpful user base.
  • Gunbot gives users privacy priority when trading.
  • Gunbot does not require a yearly subscription fee.
  • Select from a range of Gunbot groups designed for different needs.

Cons of Gunbot

  • There can be a learning phase while operating Gunbot.
  • Regular updates are necessary for connection.
  • It can take time for new investors to understand the bot.
  • Gunbots lack human sense and function only on algorithms.

Pricing of Gunbot

There are three different price tiers for Gunbot. All plans include a one-time payment that allows you lifetime access to the trading bot.

Additionally, it promises that you will never need to pay for customer service or updates. But every plan has advantages of itself.

pricing of Gunbot

1. Gunbot Standard

Generally, the feature-complete bot is the best option if it’s not sure which pack to buy. All of Gunbot’s spot and futures trading techniques have been covered. You may trade many pairings, such as USD-BTC and BTC-LTC, with this group’s major features, Plug & Play and Auto Config.

2. Gunbot Pro

You have complete authority with the Gunbot Pro license, which includes all strategic options. Changing the exchange or API key for your bot is simple and cost-free with the help of the API slot system, which gives you variety in exchange selection.

Access to AutoConfig, a unique tool for automated configuration updates like pairing additions and strategy settings adjustments, is another benefit of the plan.

3. Gunbot Ultimate

All features are available with the Gunbot Ultimate license, which is the highest-tier version. All supported exchanges allow users to trade together, and switching between them is simple.

Gunbot traders can use TradingView alerts to start trades, either on their own or in pairing with other strategies. The iOS and Android mobile app allows traders to monitor each Ultimate version from their phones quickly.

Customer Service

As the best cryptocurrency trading bot for beginners and experts alike, Gunbot comes with long-term rights. The amazing customer service is what defines it from other Bitcoin bots. For help, use the contact form or send an email with your inquiries to [email protected].

The customer service team’s focus is to provide the best help at no additional fee. Their system is helpful and quick, and they have received high marks in recent reviews and have been declared good in multiple verifiable Gunbot reviews. Their support is regularly available worldwide.


Is Gunbot Trustworthy?

Because Gunbot has a lifetime license that allows it to access all supported cryptocurrency exchanges, make limitless transactions, and use an unlimited number of pairs during its usage, it is truly trustworthy.

Is Gunbot legit?

Gunbot looks to be a real automatic cryptocurrency trading bot that gives customers access to ready-to-use trading plans to boost profits. Before spending money on this cryptocurrency bot, investors should, however, make sure they have done some research.

Which crypto exchanges does Gunbot support?

Around 150 cryptocurrency exchanges are supported by Gunbot; a few of these are Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bybit, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, OKEx, Poloniex, Tidex, Yobit, and Zaif.

Does Gunbot offer customer support?

Gunbot offers customer support. If users need help, they can reach them by email or a contact form, and reviews from previous customers show their customer service is good.

Is there a free trial available for Gunbot?

There are usually no free trials available from Gunbot. For the most recent details on trials and offers that are available, users can visit the official Gunbot website.

Can Gunbot be used on mobile devices?

Gunbot has iOS and Android mobile apps that let users manage and keep track of their trades while they are on the move.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Gunbot is an automated bot for Bitcoin trading that provides customers with a range of ready-to-use options to improve profits.

It offers traders of all kinds support for over 20 personal trading techniques and many exchanges. Even though customer reviews point to security and satisfaction, it’s important for investors to fully investigate and know the risks before making payments.

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