Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2060

Bilibili is a well-known brand and pioneering online video community in China. Its primary objective is to improve the day-to-day lives of younger generations in the country. Many people look for the Bilibili stock price prediction. So, here we will predict the Bilibili stock price.

The value proposition Bilibili presents to its users is “All the Videos You Like.” Their website provides users with access to a vast variety of video-based material. 

Further, the Bilibili community has aspirational users, high-quality material, brilliant content providers, and a strong emotional link among them all. 

Let’s look at the BiliBili stock price prediction.

Price History of the Bilibili Stock

Historically, Bilibili stock has shown great promise in the previous years.

Bilibili’s shares reached a record high of 156.37 at market close on April 10, 2021, setting a new all-time high.

The current price of Bilibili stock is 70.6% below its 52-week low of $8.23. In the past 52 weeks, shares of Bilibili have averaged $23.18.

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction (2024-2060)

Predicted yearsMinimum priceAverage priceMaximum price
Screenshot of Bilibili Stock on MarketWatch
Screenshot of Bilibili Stock on MarketWatch

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2024

There are 12 forecasts for each month of 2024 about the Bilibili stock forecast, with an average forecast of $33.3, a high forecast of $32.78, and a low forecast of $31.9. The high projection for the Bilibili stock forecast in 2024 is $32.78, while the low forecast is $31.9. 

Compared to the most recent closing price of $23.6900005340576, the average Bilibili stock estimate for 2024 projects may increase by 36.34%.

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2025

Bilibili stock predictions range from a high of $32.3 to a low of $32.01, with an average of $32.06. Compared to the most recent price, the average Bilibili stock estimate for 2025 projects the stock may increase by 35.34%.

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2030

The Bilibili stock forecast for 2030 includes 12 forecasts, one for each month of 2030. These predictions range from a low forecast of $32.35 to a high projection of $33.05, with an average forecast of $32.61. 

Additionally, the average Bilibili stock estimate for 2030 projects a 37.67% gain in value.

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2035

For 2035, the Bilibili stock forecast predictions range from a high of $33.64 to a low of $32.72, with an average of $33.21 for the Bilibili stock forecast. 

If we compare the current price of Bilibili stock to the average stock estimate for 2035, we see that there may be a 40.18% growth.

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2040

For the 2040 Bilibili stock forecast, one forecast is provided for each month of the year. The average Bilibili stock forecast for 2040 is $34.51, the high forecast for 2040 is $32.51, and the low prognosis for 2040 is $36.51. The average projection for the year 2040 sees a visible growth of 45.69%.

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2050

According to the in-depth technical analysis conducted by our team on the historical pricing data, the price of Bilibili could reach $36 in the year 2050. The pricing value of Bilibili can go as high as $40, with a price of $38 being the average.

If the market begins to show signs of optimism, there is a chance that the price of Bilibili will rise even more than our current price projection indicates.

Bilibili Stock Price Prediction 2060

Bilibili has a lot of potential if you keep holding it until 2060. We say this as per our comprehensive technical examination of DOT’s historical pricing data – the stock price might reach at least $50 in 2060. 

In the year 2060, the highest price for Bilibili may be around $56, with a price of $54 serving as the average. If the market takes a bullish turn, we anticipate that the price of Bilibili in the year 2060 may be significantly higher than our current price projection.

Is Bilibili Stock a Good Buy?

Our research and analysis have led us to the conclusion that there is a strong potential for the Bilibili Inc. stock to perform well in the near term. Several short-term indications are favorable for it, in addition to an excellent general trend. The present level may contain an investment opportunity as it is likely that the company may perform well in the future. 

There is a good chance that Bilibili may continue to be one of the most popular destinations for users in China’s Gen Z demographic. However, the company’s slowing growth, widening losses, increasing leverage, and continued dilution make it an unsafe stock to own in this competitive market. 

Therefore, it is not in the best interest of investors to get involved with Bilibili until the company has made significant headway in these four areas.


Is Bilibili Still Cheap?

According to the results of our discounted cash flow analysis, it would appear that Bilibili is currently being sold at a 37% premium to its intrinsic value. Compared to the estimation of the stock’s true worth, which is $45.51, the stock’s current market price is $62.55. This price indicates that the opportunity to purchase has probably been exhausted, at least for the time being.

If you are interested in purchasing the stock, you should keep a close eye out for any price drops that may occur in the future. Since Bilibili’s share price is relatively volatile, this may indicate that the price has the potential to fall even further, providing us with an additional opportunity to purchase the stock soon. Moreover, its high beta is a reliable indicator of the share price’s volatility.

What Does the Future of BiliBili Stock Look Like?

Bilibili’s profits are anticipated to increase by 31% over the next couple of years, making the company’s future appear rather promising. It would appear that the stock is headed for a larger cash flow shortly, which should contribute to a better share valuation.

If you have been following BILI for some time and have debated whether to invest in the stock, now might not be the greatest moment to do so. Since the price is already higher than what the item is worth, there is no longer any profit to be made through mispricing.

However, the favorable prognosis is encouraging for BILI, which indicates that digging deeper into other elements is worthwhile to take advantage of the next price decrease.

Final Words

The Bilibili Stock price prediction takes into account the time horizon you’re looking at right now. Investors may use this prediction interface to estimate the direction of the future trends for Bilibili based on various well-known forecasting models. 

However, if one only considers the past movement of prices, they are likely to get an incorrect conclusion. In addition, we strongly suggest that you always utilize this module in conjunction with a review of the historical fundamentals of Bilibili, such as the progression of revenue or operating cash flow trends.

Finally, this was a complete guide on the Bilibili stock price prediction.

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