ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2050, 2060

In this guide, we will discuss the ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2060.

As a leading manufacturer company for electric vehicles, ChargingPoint (CHPT) has the potential to increase the demand for electric vehicles sold in future years. Recently, the stock of the ChargingPoint (CHPT) might reach $11.40 per share.

And experts predicted that it might have positive growth in the market in upcoming years. Till 2025, it is estimated that the average of the ChargingPoint stock crosses the price of $22.50.

ChargingPoint Stock History

ChargingPoint Holdings is a well-known industry for manufacturing and selling electric charging stations. This holding contains charging stations for electric vehicles, public spaces, homes, and offices.

Currently, it manages to charge stations for more than 34900 countries, including Australia and Canada. In addition, more than 30,000 customers worldwide use the ChargingPoint services.

It was started in 2007 by a team of four developers Richard Lowenthal, Harjinder Bhade, Dave Baxter, and Praveen Mandal. Moreover, the current CEO of the company is Pasquale Romano.

EV Chargers Market Size

ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction (2024-2060)

YearMinimum Stock PriceAverageMaximum Stock Price
ChargingPoint Stock Graph 2023

ChargingPoint (CHPT) Stock Price Prediction 2024

Market analysts expect that ChargingPoint stock price may show a negative trend in 2024. So, the minimum ChargingPoint stock price may be around $11.48 and the maximum may be around $14.31.

Therefore, the average ChargingPoint stock price may be around $14.31 in 2024. However, market experts iterate that investors should make their own decisions before investing in any stock.

ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction 2025

ChargingPoint Holding contains strong fundamental plans that have the potential to show signification growth in the long term. According to analysts’ findings, By 2025, the highest projected price of the ChargingPoint may be $25.12, while the lowest projected price remains at $21.05.

ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction 2030

Currently, ChargingPoint has 163,000 charging points across the globe. In 2030, the federal government may have a target to increase 500,000 EV charges in the USA, which is a big opportunity for ChargingPoint company. Also, it is clear that the company already gained high profits in the market, and with the development in the forecast years, ChargingPoint may be one of the largest profitable companies.

It is predicted that the ChargingPoint stock may reach a $52.72 high with an average of $50.78. While the target price may go as low as $48.89 if a few charging ports are not working well.

ChargingPoint(CHPT) Stock Price Forecast 2035

If the ChargingPoint network expands in more countries, it happens that ChargingPoint’s target price might reach a maximum of $160, where the possible average should be $134. Some analyst also expects a negative trend in the middle of 2035 that estimated minimum price of around $110.

ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction 2040

2040 might be a good year for ChargingPoint Stock if it increases the investment rate rapidly. Our forecast model says that the stock might have a target to climb a maximum of $211.04 by the end of 2040. Moreover, if the ChargingPoint market is bearish, the minimum expected stock price is around $172.15. Here, the estimated average for the whole year could be $191.60.

ChargingPoint(CHPT) Stock Price Forecast 2045

According to financial experts’ prediction, the CHPT market price will range between $346 and $418 by 2045. That time, the highest CHPT price may be $346, while the target average may be $382.5 in 2045.

ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction 2050

In the year 2050, Charging will be the leading industry in the trading market, where the expected ChargingPoint share may reach a high of $840 while as low as $790. If we calculate the average of the lowest and highest target price, it is nearly $816.

In addition, ChargingPoint also provides a sustainable transportation facility for EV vehicles that attract investors quickly. So, it is forecast that ChargingPoint may achieve new heights this year.

ChargingPoint(CHPT) Stock Price Prediction 2055

By the year 2055, if the ChargingPoint market has stable growth and a good profit ratio, the expert predicts high revenue at the end of the year. Here, the CHPT share price opens at $1129 and closes at $1198 with a projected average of $1163.4.

ChargingPoint Stock Price Prediction 2060

If ChargingPoint has a solid business model, by the year 2060, it has the potential to generate high revenue in the market. The maximum CHPT share during the year might be $1469 with a target average of $1433.7. If the CHPT market shares negative news, it is also possible that the share price may go $1399 lower.

Final Words

According to the ChargingPoint stock price prediction listed above, it is clear that as the market grows continuously, EV vehicle charger sales increase rapidly. Also, the industry contains strong partnerships with automakers, and expanding the business network in more areas will help ChargingPoint achieve a top position in the market.

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