Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060

If you are interested in investing in Fisker stock, it is essential to know its history, current stock price, and predicted forecast price. Here, we will discuss Fisker Stock Price Prediction for forecast years based on the market analysis.

Fisker Inc. History

Fisker is the California, USA-based automotive industry that manufactures or sells eco-friendly electric vehicles. For that, it uses three segments, i.e., The Value Segment, The White Space, and The Conservative Premium segments. 

All electric vehicles develop under Fisker are according to their segment size. Another interesting point is that all-electric vehicles are manufactured from recycled and vegan materials and consist of solid battery technology.

It was founded by Henrik Fisker and Geeta Gupta Fisker in 2016. In addition, its headquarter is located in Manhattan Beach, California. In the stock market, it is well known with the NASDAQ ticker symbol FSR. Moreover, if we talk about the current Fisker stock trend, it is more than $4.90.

Fisker Stock Price Prediction(2023-2060)

YearMinimum Stock PriceAverageMaximum Stock Price

Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2023

Like other electric vehicle competitors, Fisker has had sustainable growth and good revenue growth in the past two to three years. So, in 2023, Fisker’s stock price may slow growth.

It is expected that Fisker’s price may turn down $4.32 and turn up to $6.98, high due to less increment in FSR stock. Similarly, the overall average during the period is $5.67.

Fisker Stock Graph 2024

Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2024

If we talk about the Fisker stock price prediction in 2024, there are no major changes in the FSR stock. According to experts, the maximum FSR stock may be $8.89, while the minimum may be $5.68, with a total FSR average of $7.26.

Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2025

Fisker Inc. designs electric cars through segments and makes them available according to consumer expectations. So, there are a lot of scopes that Fisker might have great business growth in the year 2025.

Initially, the Fisker stock price is $9.16; until the end of the year, it might exceed $10. Likewise, it’s average could be $9.59, including all low and high FSR prices.

Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2030

If the electric car selling rate of the Fisker company increases in the year 2030, analysts can expect a good outcome till the end of the year.

According to analysts’ findings, FSR stock can climb as high as $29 with an average of $26.2. Otherwise, the lowest possible stock price might be $23 if the electric part is damaged.

Fisker Stock Price Forecast 2035

In 2035, the FSR stock price is expected to rise to $37 if there is no negative news about Fisker Inc. in the market.

Similarly, if the price rate is high at the end of 2035, the expected average may be $30.01. The market price can variate to a minimum of $33.4 if the Fisker competitor increases.

Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2040

After 10 to 15, it is difficult to tell about the forecast price, but if Fisker increases its business and launches electric vehicles with advanced features. We expect that in 2040, Fisker may generate high FSR revenue in the market.

At that time, the maximum stock price of the FSR market could be $50, including an average of $46.3. While the minimum stock price in 2040 might have $42 if the market has bearish trading.

Fisker Stock Price Forecast 2045

Looking at the 2040 expected data, it is possible that by 2045 the FSR graph might fluctuate if Fisker considers financial risk and challenges. This risk and challenges either grow up or down the market.

According to technical experts, the FSR price might open at $54 and close at $65. In that case, the projected average of Fisker stock is not more than $59.6.

Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2050

Due to the high sales of electric cars in the past year, if we look the Fisker’s share price in 2050. Then, it is projected the price highly trades at $72 with a reasonable average of $66.1. Furthermore, if the market has slow trading lowest possible FSR stock share is traded at $60.

The FSR stock share can rise more than expected if investor strongly participates in the Fisker business. At that time, the higher share price rose sharply to $75.

Fisker Stock Price Forecast 2055

Based on the market study, the FSR stock share could lie anywhere between $84 and $96. Here, $96 is the all-time high price of the year and could be more than expected if the stock grows continuously. In addition, there is also a possibility that this time the FSR share average might have around $90.2.

Fisker Stock Price Prediction 2060

Considering the enormous business expansion year by year, the expected stock price of Fisker technology may go to an all-time high at $105. It could go $94 lower, as per experts’ prediction. Therefore, it is forecast that the average should be $99.4 by the year 2060.


It is clear from the article that Fisker is a good company to invest in for a long-term plan. But, before reaching any decision, it is good to analyze the Fisker stock price prediction for different years and take the financial experts’ advice. Moreover, if you like our article, follow our site to take advantage of similar article categories.

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