Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060

With the guide, we will analyze Shopify Stock Price Prediction for upcoming years, including 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, 2050, 2055, and 2060.

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform founded in 2006 by three co-founders, Daniel Weinand, Tobias L├╝tke, and Scott Lake, in Ottawa, Canada. It is a small-sized business that allows merchants to create an online store to sell products online.

Merchants can easily build e-commerce websites through Shopify and sell products on Social Media and other Marketplace using chat and email.

Currently, Shopify provides its service in more than 175 countries and is also trusted by popular brands like Supreme, Netflix, Mattel, Heinz, etc. Moreover, the ticker symbol of Shopify under the New York Exchange is SHOP.

Shopify Stock Price Prediction (2024-2060)

YearMinimum Stock PriceAverageMaximum Stock Price
2026$129.00$148.70 $168.81
2035 $270.41$284.24$298.05
Shopify Stock Graph 2023

Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2024

As per the above graph, the average Shopify stock price in 2024 may be $113.34. And the lower and higher price lies between $96 and $129. It might have $96.97(lower) and $129.72(higher).

Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2025

After analyzing the past data of 4 to 5 months, we can see that, in 2025, Shopify continuously grow in the market and generate good revenue. Also, it works on the Centralized inventory tracking.

So, analysts predict that the Shopify stock market might grow high at $147.63 and low at $110.70, including all fall prices. Additionally, the average of the 12 months might be $128.89.

Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2030

The Shopify online store contains a good business model with great features like integrations for dropshipping, User-friendly inventory management, and, Hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Also, it added new features every week, resulting, it may have immense growth opportunities in the future.

In 2030, the maximum Shopify stock price might be $250.32, including the overall net profit. While the average of the year may be $232.53, and the minimum stock price may be $204.70.

Shopify Stock Price(2023-2060)

Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2035

Some expert says that Shopify will be acquired by Amazon in upcoming years. Due to that, it is possible that investors denied doing business with Shopify. At that time, Shopify’s stock price may open at $270.41 and close at $298.05 with a possible average of $284.24.

Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2040

Sometimes it is hard to predict the Shopify stock price in the long term. But, after looking company’s profit ratio, it is predicted that, at the end of 2040, the Shopify stock market might cross $600. The higher price could be $601.08, and the lower price could be $576.90. Likewise, if we calculate the average of 2040, it may be more than $588.90.

Shopify Stock Price Forecast 2045

There are many big competitors of Shopify in the market, i.e., SquareSpace, Wix, and, WooCommerce. In that case, Shopify may deal with different risks and challenges. So, it is possible that the Shopify market may go in a downward direction.

Here, the lowest stock price is $622.30. On the other hand, the highest predicted stock price is nearly $649.56, while the total average of the year could be $635.94.

Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2050

2050 will be a great year for Shopify if Shopify builds a relationship with more investors and extends business in more countries. The maximum stock price during the year might reach $674.81, and the minimum stock price may be $635.07. Similarly, the throughout average of the minimum and maximum rate could be $654.96.

Shopify Stock Price Forecast 2055

If Shopify expands its online business in 2050, fewer investors may show interest in selling or buying the products due to the presence of other companies like Shopify. As a result, the company doesn’t earn much profit in the market. 

Here, the expected average analyst predicted is $665.28. Including the expected lower as well as higher prices of around $640.55 and $690.04.

Shopify Stock Price Prediction 2060

The predicted stock price of Shopify in 2060 is going as maximum as $738.92 or a minimum of $693.47. Some analysts predicted that it also go more than $739 if high revenue growth in the market. Here, the possible average predicted by the expert is not more than $716.20.

Wrap Up

Shopify stock price prediction in this guide is according to company revenue, business model, and technical analysis. Because no expert accurately calculates the exact date of forecast years.

So, before investing in the Shopify platform, well research all the current and upcoming years’ stock data. Moreover, feel free to ask a query related to the guide in the comment box.

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