Ford Stock Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2060

This guide will discuss the Ford stock price prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, and 2060.

The United States of America is home to one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, known as the Ford Motor Company. The corporation consistently ranked in the top five regarding total production volumes during its time in business. 

Furthermore, the Ford Motor Company not only creates automobiles and buses for the general market but also builds concept cars, sports cars, race cars, and vehicles for the military. Ford-owned companies exist in over 15 nations with manufacturing operations in more than 65 countries.

This article will talk about the Ford stock forecast and price prediction based on market analysts’ opinions.

Price History of Ford Stock

According to the performance of its stock over the past 50 years, Ford Motor Company’s share price has historically increased by 15% on aggregate over the past 52 weeks.

In the succeeding 52 weeks, the share price of Ford Motor Company has increased more than it did in 25 of those 50 years, which corresponds to the historical accuracy of 50%.

Ford Stock Price Prediction (2024-2060)

Predicted YearsMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
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Ford Stock Price Prediction 2024

After conducting an exhaustive study and analysis, a group of industry professionals concluded that Ford’s stock could hit an all-time high of $32.50 by the year 2024. Even though it may go lower, I don’t think it could go lower than $28.25. It is expected to keep climbing over the preceding year.

If there is no movement in the market and it remains stable, the average selling price of a Ford stock may be $30.25. If you are a seasoned investor, 2024 is an excellent year for selling your holdings and raising the money you make from those sales.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2025

We anticipate that the year 2025 could turn out to be prosperous for all Ford stockholders who have utilized our superior stock judgment and knowledge to make investments with their time and money. 

The all-time high for the stock in 2025 could be $40.25, and the all-time low could be $34.75 respectively. If the economy continues to be in the extraordinary circumstance of maintaining equilibrium, then the share price could settle at $37.50.

Each investor ought to keep a close check on the stocks that could be trading in 2025 in addition to those that are set to be purchased. Right now would be the ideal time to do that.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2030

Given that Ford is one of the corporations with the most rapid rates of expansion globally, we have high hopes for the company’s future. By the year 2030, we anticipate a major advance in the financial markets. According to analysts, Ford’s share price could reach at least $98.50 by 2030

In 2030, Ford’s share price is anticipated to have a maximum of $112.50. It is also anticipated that the company’s average value may be $106.75. 

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2035

In 2035, we predict the stock may boom and reach an all-time high of $315.80. The lowest price may be $300.25. The average price may be $308.35.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2040

By 2040, the price of Ford stock would have reached its maximum level, at which point it would trade at a multiplicative price.

The lowest price it may go for is $615.60, and the highest price it may go for is $725.45. These prices are significantly higher than they were in the prior years.

On average, stock prices may not change from $655. You can end the waiting period now, and you are free to take the additional cash.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2050

In 2050, the Ford stock may reach a maximum of $800.35. Also, the minimum price may be $750.55, with an average of $775.80.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2060

In 2060, Ford may show great growth and profits for investors worldwide. We predict the maximum price to be $900.40, with an average price of $880.25, and the lowest price may be $860.35.

Is Ford Stock Good for the Long Term?

Ford earned considerable free cash flow, totaling over $34 billion for the preceding decade.

Ford is a company that has its eyes set on being able to offer the vehicles and trucks people want to purchase in the future. And as a result, the company’s stock is one that buyers can feel good sticking onto for a very long time.

Can Ford Reach $30?

For Ford’s stock price to reach $30, the company needs to realize its ambitious goal of producing two million electric vehicles by 2026. And these electric vehicles need to compete against Tesla, which is now the EV industry leader, and several other automobile manufacturers who are expanding their EV range.


Is Ford Stock a Buy, Sell, or Hold?

The consensus recommendation for F’s stock is to buy it. The demand for Ford’s vehicles is still strong, which explains why the business has successfully implemented price increases in the short term. With time, the expansion of Ford Pro should bring about an increase in revenue and an enhancement of the company’s profitability.

What is Ford’s stock price forecast for the next 5 years?

It is hard to predict the exact Ford’s stock price in the coming 5 years but the price may trade somewhere between $83.25 and $91.25 because the company is doing a great job and expanding the market quickly.

What are some potential factors that could impact Ford’s stock price?

Factors that could impact Ford’s stock price include overall economic conditions, changes in consumer preferences and demand for vehicles, competition within the automotive industry, and government regulations related to emissions and safety standards.

What are some potential risks associated with investing in Ford?

Risks associated with investing in Ford include the company’s high debt levels, potential disruptions to the automotive industry caused by new technologies, and the potential impact of global economic and political conditions on Ford’s operations and profitability.

Will Ford stock reach $100?

Ford has great potential to reach $100 per share but it may take some time because Ford’s stock price depends on several factors like revamped product lineup, cost-cutting measures, the company’s EV strategy, and increased profitability, etc.

Final Words

Ford is a fantastic firm that has enjoyed a long and prosperous existence. Due to the high demand for their offerings, analysts anticipate that the company’s share price will continue to increase in the years to come. And since it has significant expansion potential, you can consider investing in it.

This was a complete guide on the Ford stock price prediction. If you liked this post, check out our other blogs.

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