Lucid Stock Price Prediction for 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2060

The post will discuss Lucid Stock Price Prediction for the upcoming years 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, and 2060.

Of course, the given stock data in the article needs to be more accurate; hence, we will try to reach the expectation nearby.

Lucid Group Incorporation is widely known as Lucid Motors and is a close rival of Rivian, Toyota, Atlis, and Ford. It is an electric vehicle manufacturing industry started in April 2007 by three founders named Sam Weng, Sheaupyng Lin, and Bernard Tse.

The main headquarters of the Lucid is in Newark, California, USA. It generally manufactures electric cars and trucks for transportation. In addition, Lucid developed its first electric car in 2016 through clean energy, named Lucid Air.

The car can cover around 520 miles with a one-time charge. It was in high demand during the launching year because of its affordable price and environment-friendly nature.

In addition, it has a fast charging capability means it is enough to charge it for 22 minutes to cover a distance of 300 miles. After 2016, Lucid launched another SUV, the Lucid electric sports vehicle, in April 2020 with many advanced features.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction (2024-2060)

YearMinimum PriceMaximum PriceAverage Price
Lucid Stock History

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2024

Since April 2021, the Lucid stock has taken the reversal and the Russia-Ukraine war may be among the reasons why Lucid stock is getting down and there is no chance that Lucid stock will grow exponentially.

If the company performs well, the minimum and maximum Lucid stock price may be $4.34 and $7.99 respectively. So, the average Lucid price may be $5.16.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2025

Lucid Motor’s stock price prediction is that it may move upward in 2025 if the potential and interest rate remain sustainable. Here, the minimum stock price is expected to be $5.12, while the maximum price may be $7.93.

According to experts, the Lucid stock forecast may remain positive and make make profit in the upcoming years.

In 2026, the Lucid price may reach a maximum of $10.13. If the market fluctuates, the price may be around $9.19, and the total average price of Lucid stock in 2026 maybe $9.16.

In 2027, the stock may regularly show upward momentum and reach $11.07. If everything is positive in the market and the company performs well consistently, the price may reach around $12.79.

For 2028, the experts forecast the Lucid motors stock between $13.14 and $15.55.

Lucid Motors Stock Forecast 2030

In 2030, Lucid Motors’ stock price may remain between $19 and $20.45 if the Lucid Motors vehicles remain in high demand.

The total evaluation of the company is expected to reach nearly $200 billion. The average price of Lucid motors may remain at $19.27 in 2030.

Lucid Price Prediction

Lucid Stock Price Forecast 2035

During the year 2035, the Lucid stock price may remain between $30.02 and $32.64, provided the market remains positive in all aspects. Also, the company should perform well consistently to remain at an average price of $31.83 in 2035.

Lucid Motors Stock Price Prediction 2040

The Lucid stock price may reach $40.31 at the start of the year 2040. Subsequently, the price may hit $44.65 at the end of 2040. During the year, the total average may be $42.48.

In 2045, the price may lie in the range of $53.23 to $58.77. Hence, the lower price may be $53.23, and the higher may be $58.77, with a total expected average of $56.5.

Lucid Price Prediction 2050

Based on the technical terms and proper analysis, Lucid stock may proliferate if the investors establish strong bonds with consumers and clients. As a result, Lucid Motors’ worth may cross $70 billion in 2050.

The Minimum expected Lucid stock price during the year 2050 may remain around $72.61, and the maximum may be $78.90. So if we talk about the average price of Lucid stock in the year 2050, it may be around $75.75.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2060

The minimum Lucid stock price in 2060 may remain at $93.53 and the maximum it may reach is $103.21 if the company continues to do well in the Automotive segment.

However, there will be tough competition because Lucid’s rivals like Tesla and Rivian Motors will also expand their business. So, in 2060, the average Lucid stock price may remain is $97.65.


Is Lucid a long-term investment stock? 

No, Lucid does not seem to be a long-term investment company because Lucid has not performed well in the past years and the company is about to be delisted from NASDAQ.

Can Lucid beat the top-growing company, Tesla? 

Lucid is the newly established company in the market, and Tesla has been a famous vehicle company since 2003. People are crazy after Tesla.

So, it seems impossible for Lucid Motors to beat its production and car-selling rate. Lucid needs to work 50 times more to beat the Tesla.

What will be Lucid stock in the next ten years? 

In the next ten years, the estimated worth of Lucid stock may be around $24, which may even grow if the vehicle selling rate grows.

What will Lucid stock be worth in 5 years? 

The short-term prediction for Lucid stock may be $11.07 (lowest) and $12.79 (highest). Also, the average may be nearly $11.93.

Is Lucid an excellent stock to buy? 

Lucid stock is consistently going down and users may stay away from this stock for some time. In the long term, we cannot be sure that the company will perform better.

Will the Lucid stock go up?

Lucid is trading at a very low level with no chance of any correction. Though there could be some downside volatility in the coming weeks, the broad outlook on the stock will remain bearish until the price moves above the $17.5 level.

Why is Lucid stock dropping?

Lucid stock is consistently dropping due to rising interest rates, increased competition in the EV segment, and slow growth in the market. Also, stock sales by Lucid are a crucial factor in that Lucid stock price is going down.

Will Lucid stock recover?

If we look from the long-term perspective, Lucid stock price may increase. There are very rare chances that Lucid stock will recover in a short time.

Is Lucid Motors a good investment?

Lucid’s vehicles are gaining popularity slowly and trying to make their place in the luxury EV market. The company is trying to increase its production and cover the market to increase sales considering the high demand for electric SUVs.

Certainly, there are some risks involved with the company; however, if the company makes a profit and recovers its reputation, it may be a good stock to invest.

Will Lucid Motors survive?

It is hard to predict whether Lucid stock will survive or not but as per the current position of the company the chances are highly unlikely. As per the current news, Lucid company will be delisted from NASDAQ soon.

Should I buy Lucid stock?

Competition in the EV market will continue to increase, and Lucid needs to prove it can outrun its rivals and manage the growth of its business cost-effectively. Currently, I would advise staying away from this stock as its price is consistently decreasing.

Wrap up

Finally, in this guide, we have discussed the Lucid stock price prediction for the years 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, and 2060. Let us know your opinion about the future price of Lucid stock through the comment section.

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  1. You can’t build an electric car with less tech than cheaper EV and just put in more posh interior and then make cheaper versions that looks exactly the same with just some lesser materials internally and expect you can keep an aura of luxury; Air Dream Edition and Sapphire vs Pure.
    This shows as Lucid in Q1 manufactured around 2,300 cars and only sold roughly half of them (1,400).
    Lucid will not last many more months without a substantial cash injection and that is unlikely to happen.


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