Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2040, & 2050

This guide will discuss the expected Rivian stock price prediction in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2060. The Rivian Inc company has been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange since 2021.

We all know that Rivian Automatic Inc is a USA-based vehicle manufacturing company owned by Robert RJ Scaring in Irvine, California, USA. Since the IPO launch, the company has raised over $14 billion. The initial RIVN stock price was $79.

Rivian Inc is growing rapidly and it may be the tough rival of TESLA Inc. Talking ahead, we will discuss the Rivian stock price prediction in the coming years 2025, 2030, 2035, and 2050. Rivian’s Stock Price prediction by the year 2050 is $66.25. Some of the current data about Rivian Stock is as below:-

52 Week High179.47
52 Week High Date11/16/21
52 Week Low13.10
52-Week Low Date19/03/23
Market Cap29.24B
Shares Out916.19M
Official websitehttps://rivian.com/

Earlier Performance of Rivian Stock

Rivian stock has had ups and downs since its listing for the last 14 years. As discussed earlier, its IPO was announced in November 2021. When the IPO opened, it opened at $100.71 and later went up to $170. However, at the closing of the year 2021, it reached $103.69.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

Currently, the Rivian stock price is constantly going low. Market analysts and researchers expect the Rivian stock price around $45 by the year 2025 because they are positive for the company as the stock price may recover by 2025. So, most analysts suggest buying the stock, if investors have a long-term investment plan.

Out of 10 market analysts, 6 researchers expect the price to reach around $45 by the end of the year 2025, and 4 market analysts predict the price to be around $37 in 2025.

Rivn stock price prediction

We should not always rely on our Rivian stock price prediction because we have seen the analyst’s predictions going wrong several times.

Therefore, we should conduct the proper research based on the data provided by the company and make an accurate decision.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction (2023 – 2060)

YearMinimum PriceMaximum PriceAverage Price

What is the Rivian stock price prediction for the year 2030?

In coming years, we may see the price around $34.82-$56.60 if everything is intact and in favor of the company.

What is the price prediction for the Rivian stock?

  • The predicted price for Rivian stock for 2023 is $11.23 to $22.24.
  • The forecast price of Rivian stock for 2024 is $15.36 to $25.61.
  • Rivian stock price prediction for 2025 is $25.36 to $45.25.
  • Rivian stock price prediction for 2030 is $34.82 to $56.60.
  • The predicted price for Rivian stock for 2040 is $46.82 to $64.10.
  • The predicted price for Rivian stock for 2050 is $66.25.
  • Rivian stock price prediction for 2060 is $82.10.


Are Rivian Shares a good buy for the long term?

This depends on the company’s performance because we cannot predict how the business will go. However, currently, the company is doing well in achieving its goals.

How much time will Rivian Stock take to recover?

Soon, we may see a recovery in Rivian stock price if the company improves its supply chain management process.

What is the ticker code of Rivian Inc?

The ticker code of Rivian Inc is RIVN.

Will Rivian stock go up or down?

Based on the number of predictions included by CNN, the stock may show an upward movement; however, you should conduct in-depth research before making any decision.

Should I invest in Rivian stock? 

Investing in the Rivian stock depends on your risk tolerance capacity and the term you want to invest for. Other rivals like Tesla and Ford are expanding their market rapidly. Therefore, this may affect the Rivian stock prices.

Where to buy Rivian stock?

To buy the Rivian stock, you may register on any reputed exchange broker like E*Trade and Webull. The Rivian stock is listed on NASDAQ with the ticker symbol RIVN.

Why is Rivian stock price low?

Due to improper supply chain management, the company is facing certain issues. This impacts the delivery of electric adventure vehicles, resulting in decreased sales. We can observe that the company is not making a profit due to improper management, so the price of Rivian stock is low.

When can I buy Rivian stock?

You can buy the Rivian stock when it touches its lowest-ever price because the company is good and possibly will perform better in the future.

Wrap up

This article discussed the Rivian Automotive Inc price prediction for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2060. Moreover, we have discussed the frequently asked questions and the company’s performance.

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